The Filipino Workers Could Return to Kuwait as early as 2024

In the first quarter, the Philippines is expected to allow Filipino workers back to Kuwait. The Philippines and Kuwaiti authorities will hold talks early next month with the aim of lifting the May ban.

The Philippine Ministry of Labor will be involved in the discussions, as well as private employment agencies and the Kuwaiti government. They will focus on reviewing the domestic worker agreement and outlining the procedures for resuming the sending of Filipino workers to Kuwait.

Bassam Al-Shammari is a specialist in domestic workers. He expressed optimism over this development. Al Rai reports that he welcomed the return of Filipino domestic workers. He stressed the importance of the timing, which coincides with Ramadan. During this month, there is an increased demand for domestic workers. This is the culmination of a series of events that began with a visa ban in May 2023.

The Philippines had temporarily stopped sending domestic workers to Kuwait after the murder of Filipino Jullebee Raanara in February 2023. The Philippine government has announced it will take measures to prevent abuses in Kuwait, including “rape and mistreatment of Filipina Workers”.

Source Arabtimes

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