80,000 Domestic Workers From Previously Banned Countries To Return to Kuwait Soon

More domestic workers are expected to return to Kuwait in the next few months.

Kuwait’s Council of Ministers has assigned the designated government agencies to focus on preparing for both the procedures and the legal aspects for the return of thousands of domestic workers from the 34 previously banned countries.

In the next 4-5 months, it is expected that there will be 80,000 domestic workers who will be returning to Kuwait. There will be two trips every day, carrying 600 workers each. These workers will undergo a strict health protocol that is set to be conducted right before they arrive in the country, as soon as they arrive, and after spending their quarantine period.

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As for the health measures to be undertaken, domestic workers must undergo a PCR examination which should be done before they leave their respective countries. They will also undergo a separate examination conducted by the technical and medical staff of the Kuwait International Airport.

Lastly, they will be tested again after they spend a couple of times as their quarantine period. Personnel and the designated authorities already had talks with the Hotels Association for the accommodation of these domestic helpers during their institutional quarantine period.

But several sources are claiming that some scenarios are still not final and awaiting approval from relevant committees.

Source Arabtimes 

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