Simplefied Kuwait Airport Procedures

According to a recent development by Counselor Abdullah Al-Othman of the General Department of Implementation at the airport, he has made a significant move to streamline the procedures in the travel prevention department. This is to help individuals who are involved in legal issues. Al-Anbaa obtained information that the following guidelines had been implemented:

  1. Travel Ban Orders: Individuals are now able to inquire about travel ban orders via the computer system.
  2. Financial Aid: Special amounts or expenses can be made available to those who wish to pay in full or part.
  3. Lifting Travel bans: A travel ban may be lifted after completing the procedures in code 0210. The lifting report must be photographed using the EMG scanner system.
  4. Notice of Execution of Judgment: An execution notice can be issued under Code 765, and it should be documented on the scanner system.
  5. Certificate Issue: “To whom it may concern” certificates can be issued using code 980.
  6. Payments outside of Administration: Amounts falling under code 745 may be received outside administration but the creditor must be present in person.
  7. Release of Vehicle Seizure: The vehicle seizure may be released upon payment under Code 650.
  8. Case Proof: A case proof under Code 710, in particular concerning the above procedures is required.

This administrative decision is intended to improve efficiency and make the legal process more accessible for those who are navigating travel-prevention issues at airports.


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