LuLu Hypermarket goes green for World Environment Day

LuLu Hypermarket goes green for World Environment Day

In a commendable display of environmental responsibility, LuLu Hypermarket, the region’s leading retailer, actively participated in World Environment Day on 5 June. Recognizing the day as a global platform to raise awareness and encourage positive environmental practices in the community, LuLu Hypermarket held a variety of engaging ‘green’ activities across all their outlets in the country

In an extension of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the hypermarket’s activities on World Environment Day were focused on fostering environment-friendliness among customers. Informative sessions were conducted to raise awareness among the public on the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and the need to reduce plastic usage. The sessions also offered simple yet effective strategies for minimizing the use of plastics in daily life.

In addition to dedicated green checkouts, LuLu Hypermarket underlined the environment sustainability message further by showcasing an array of eco-friendly products across all their outlets. This extensive display aimed to highlight available alternatives to traditional, plastic-based items. The display included bamboo cups, plates, and even plastic-free plates.

Special kiosks were also set up throughout the outlets, specifically promoting the use of reusable bags. Jute and paper bags were prominently displayed, encouraging customers to adopt more sustainable shopping practices.

Through their World Environment Day initiative, LuLu Hypermarket aimed to empower customers to make informed choices and contribute to a more sustainable future. Their dedication to environmental responsibility is a positive step forward for our planet.


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