South African Ambassador Explores Business Opportunities at Lulu Hypermarket Kuwait

The South African Ambassador to Kuwait, His Excellency Manelisi Genge made a significant visit to the regional office of Lulu Hypermarket Kuwait on December 4, 2023. During his visit, His Excellency engaged in productive discussions with Mr. Mohmed Haris, Director of Lulu Hypermarket Kuwait, and other esteemed members of Lulu’s top management to explore potential business collaborations, particularly focusing on the import of more south African product ranges into the vibrant Kuwaiti market for the upcoming year 2024.

The meeting commenced on a cordial note, with warm greetings exchanged between the Ambassador and the Lulu Hypermarket team. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to visit the renowned retail giant, His Excellency acknowledged Lulu’s prominence in the Kuwaiti retail landscape and its contribution to the region’s economic growth.

In addition to these discussions, the Ambassador highlighted that as part of the strategic initiatives for 2024, South African delegate teams are poised to visit Lulu stores across Kuwait. This upcoming visit aims to further strengthen the partnership between South Africa and Kuwait by providing an on-the-ground understanding of the market dynamics and consumer preferences. It underscores the commitment of both nations to fostering lasting economic ties and promoting cultural exchange through mutually beneficial business endeavors.

The discussions between the parties centered on identifying potential sectors and more products for import from South Africa to Kuwait. Both parties expressed a keen interest in further exploring these opportunities, aiming to enhance trade relations and strengthen economic ties between south Africa and Kuwait. LuLu Hypermarket currently imports and stocks more than 70 well-known South African brands, including food and non- food items. The hypermarket also has a dedicated sourcing office for various products from the region, conveniently located in South Africa’s port city of Cape Town.


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