Fine for failure to update new address on ID via Kuwait Times

As per the report of Faten Omar from Kuwait Times Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) published in the official gazette “Kuwait Al- Youm” yesterday a list of 981 citizens and expats who have not updated their addresses on their civil IDs.

It called on those who changed their residence or those whose buildings have been demolished to report to the PACI headquarters to register their new address and provide documents to prove their residence within 30 days of the announcement. PACI warned failure to do so will result in a fine not exceeding KD 100, depending on how many people live in that apartment or house, according to Article 33 of law no. 32 of 1982, which stipulates a KD 20 fine for each violation.

PACI had earlier denied as “rumors” reports on social media that such violators will be fined from the beginning of February. PACI Director General Mosaad Al- Asousi said citizens and residents should update their data within 30 days of any change in address, according to the Civil Information System Act.

Via :Kuwait Times

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