“Bullied and Mistreated” Filipino in Kuwait, Jumps From The 17th Floor Of A Building

A Filipino in Kuwait who works as a dental technician allegedly took his own life by jumping from the 17th floor of a building.

According to reports, the 26-year-old Filipina was bullied constantly by his co-workers and colleagues. His family was thinking that the unnamed OFW suffered depression causing him to take his own life.

One reliable source claims that the OFW was being laughed at by people from his work. He also managed to send a picture of the people whom he claimed to be responsible for his humiliation and embarrassment to his family in the Philippines.

Before taking his own life, the Filipino managed to talk to his cousin who allegedly appeased his anger, and to remain calm as much as possible. But the victim called his cousin whom he gave permission to take his belongings from where he resided.

But on the afternoon of Wednesday, the man was seen restless and shivered a couple of times. Right then, he took a hammer supposedly used for dental purposes and hit his colleague thrice in the head. Then, he went to break the window but failed. He managed to go to the 18th floor of the building where he jumped and ended his life.

The reliable source claims that they are determined to seek justice for the deceased Filipino for the countless times of bullying incidents.

As for the person that the Filipino hit, he was allegedly the cause of humiliation and mistreatment since his start of work.

“He often complained about this coworker who never stopped bullying him and maybe it was too unbearable for him that caused such ire,” says the source.

Furthermore, some of the deceased Filipino’s colleagues intoxicated the fallen OFW and pushed him to perform indecent acts. This statement can be proven by a series of photos and videos. The said incident allegedly triggered the OFW to fall into the pit of depression.

The family of the victim is crying for justice as they are also thinking that there might be foul play on the incident.

Source TimesKuwait

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