Kuwait Domestic Labor Law Booklets -Tagalog

A press statement about the launch of awareness booklets on the Domestic Labor Law ..

#Kuwait Society for Human Rights in cooperation with the Department of Domestic Labor in the Ministry of Interior launched booklets on Domestic Labor Law by using images in five languages (#Arabic, #English, #Filipino,#Hindi, Urdu).
Mr. Khalid Al Hamidi Al Ajmi – Chairman of the Board, said that the publications come with “Together” project to educate migrant labor on their rights in Kuwait which is implemented by the Society in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Kuwait.
He also said that these booklets are the first group of the booklets. They also include Law of labor in the civil sector in five languages, and they will be distributed at airports, health centers and worker places.
He stressed that the translation of the #Domestic #Labor #Law into five languages, as well as the use of images in the Law Articles will contribute significantly to the knowledge of the domestic workers of their rights and will raise their awareness in a way that will be reflected positively in the protection of their rights in the society.


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