Fellow OFW Seeks Help for 40-Year-Old OFW in Kuwait with Undiagnosed Medical Condition

An OFW working in the Middle East appealed for help from the public for fellow OFW working in Kuwait named Florian Colita Villondo, a 40-year-old Pinay from Betahon Lugait Misamis Oriental.

According to Angelyn Cortes, Florian was brought to Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital last April 8 after complaining from body pains accompanied by fever.  Unfortunately, up to this date, they don’t know her real condition.  She then appealed that her post be shared on social media with high hopes that the news will reach the knowledge of the authorities so they can help Florian.

In a group chat on Facebook, Florian’s sister, Flomay also appealed for help.  According to her, Florian is in a 50/50 condition.  Sad though, in as much as she would like to help her sister, she was not allowed by her employers to leave the house.

Flomay narrated that last April 8, she brought her sister to the hospital where she was given an injection.  That time, she claimed Florian started to become irritated.  They were discharged right after.

Posted by Cortes Angelyn on Friday, April 27, 2018

But at 6am on the same day, Flomay stated that Florian’s co-worker had brought her back to the hospital because she was still complaining of body pains. She was then diagnosed with H1N1. Another injection was given to her and was allowed to go home. On the other hand, the doctor suggested that she be brought back to the hospital should her condition does not get better within 24 hours after the injection was given.

On April 9, Florian was observed to be acting like a kid and had difficulty conversing and gathering her thoughts. Her co-worker asked their employer to bring her back to the hospital but she was just allowed to stay at home as they believe she just needed enough rest.

Between 12noon-2pm on the same day, she was brought to the hospital by an ambulance as she seemed to be not in her proper state of mind.

It is for those reasons that Angelyn Cortes shared the photos of Florian to help her sister Flomay get the help that they badly needed the soonest possible time.

As of this writing, it’s been more than 2 weeks but the final diagnosis of Florian was not yet established by the hospital.  Florian’s sister then becomes confused as unconfirmed diagnosis stated that she either had suffered from seizures and epilepsy or had meningitis and even had problems with her appendix.

The hospital had not yet released their official statement on the condition of the OFW.

Kabayan pakitulungan po kaming magshare nang makarating to sa kinauukulan at mabigyang tulong c kabayan na nacoma sa…

Posted by Cortes Angelyn on Friday, April 27, 2018


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