Kuwait Department Clarifies The Minimum Salary Cap For Visit Visa And Family Sponsorship

Kuwait has clarified the recent news regarding the minimum salary cap that should be met before an expatriate can bring his family to the country.

According to the news, the minimum salary cap which is KD 500 is not applicable to all as ‘marginal profession’ cannot apply for their children’s visa despite meeting the required salary cap.

However, children of expatriates ages 18 and above who are studying in a university in Kuwait or above can renew their residence visa as long as they provide the necessary documents. Reports regarding children 12 years old and above not granted with dependent visa were also denied by the agency. It is said that no changes in visa rules were made except for the minimum salary cap from KD450 to KD500.

As for visit visas, siblings and parents are only given a month to stay in the country, unlike the length of time given to wife and children which is three months.

The extension of the visa will then be under the consideration of the General Department for Residence Affairs. Reasons for such extensions can include health issues. The minimum salary needed to apply for the visit visa of children and wife is KD250. However, there are cases in which a visit visa was issued despite KD 200 salary of the sponsor.

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