Only Kuwaitis Can Avail Services At Government Hospitals, Says One Proposal

Kuwait government is proposing to limit the treatment offered by the government hospitals only to Kuwaitis. However, this proposal will not be implemented immediately.

According to reports, the Health Committee at the National Assembly tackled the issue and they agreed to the proposal of limiting treatment in government-owned hospitals to Kuwaitis and Gulf Nationals only. They think that this will improve the services that they can offer for their patients.

Furthermore, the proposal also focuses on the number of Kuwaitis compared to expats. Since Kuwaitis have a smaller number compared to expats, this means more benefits to locals.

Recently, Kuwait was once again named as the ‘worst destination’ for expats according to InterNationals. According to the respondents of the said survey, they find it hard to ‘make friends with the locals’. Kuwait has made it into the top spot for the past two years.

Kuwait is also ranked as the third-worst country when it comes to the ‘health and well-being’ of expats’ and ‘sense of alienation and affection’.

Job satisfaction and economic situation are some of the issues encountered by expatriates in Kuwait. Other countries considered as ‘worst country of destination’ for expats are Italy, Nigeria, Brazil, Turkey, India, United Kingdom, Greece, Russia, and South Korea.

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