Kuwait Implements Higher Delivery Charges For Expats, From KD50 to KD100 and Hospital Stay Not Included

A higher delivery (birth) charges will be implemented for expatriates in Kuwait, effective on November 9, 2019.

The Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah approved a regulation increasing the delivery (birth) charges applicable for expatriates who are registered under the health insurance system.

According to the decree, non-Kuwaitis under the health insurance system will have to pay a fee amounting to KD100, 100% higher than the previous fee which is the only KD50. As for birth by Caesarean section, expats will be paying KD150.

The fees for both natural and Caesarean delivery will cover the fees of sonar examination, laboratory tests as well as the medicines. However, this higher fee will no longer cover the hospital stay, contrary to the previous in which the hospital fee is already included in the KD50 fee.

Previously, the amount of hospital stay covered in the fee is only 3 nights and patients who will stay longer will be paying additional KD 10 every extra day. But in the new regulation, the accommodation in private room is now KD100 per day.

According to sources, the decision was made after careful study considering the high cost of health services for medical staff as well as the equipment.

Despite the increase, sources say that the maternity and delivery cost in private hospitals is still a lot higher than the ones under the health insurance system.

Source Arabtimeonline

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