Labor Agencies Will Soon Be Instructed To Rehire Domestic Helpers

In the previous decision of the Public Authority for Manpower officials, they maintained their stand against not allowing labor agencies to rehire domestic helpers wanting to go to another employer other than their original employers.

However, the issue has been tackled again after the Public Authority for Manpower officials in Kuwait will be meeting their counterpart domestic labor agencies to reverse the previous decision.

It is expected that the meeting will happen after a new Cabinet will be formed and a minister will be named to take responsibility for the said authority.

Earlier, the union already filed a protest against this possibility to the manpower authority as they wished to discuss the matter with the Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel.

According to the union, the canceling of this decision is a must due to the drastic move of foreign labor agencies when it comes to suspending the exportation of workers to Kuwait as they fear that these workers can simply return to their countries. With that, this will cause embarrassment to Kuwait.

The bid to fight human trafficking through the implementation of law number 68/2015 has deprived the domestic labor agencies of rehiring laborers.

The decision over this matter will be released in the next two months.

“The authority also plans on making a list with the names of fake and unlicensed domestic helper agencies to warn citizens and expats form dealing with them,” says a reliable source.


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