Labor Attache Set To Fly To Kuwait To Discuss the Reopening of Recruitment of Filipino Domestic Workers

Labor Attache to Kuwait Nasser Mustafa will travel to Kuwait to meet the designated agencies such as the labor recruitment offices, the Public Authority of Manpower, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Their meeting will be about the recruitment of Filipino workers which was temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But recently, the Philippine Labor Union conducted a Zoom meeting together with Kuwaiti offices and tackled the issues of tougher penalties for sponsors who will be found not abiding by the contract which was recently discussed.

A series of demands was also put up by the Philippine Federation which will be conveyed by the Philippine Labor Attache to Kuwait.

One of the demands is to ‘expedite the granting of rights to domestic workers who resort to the Department of Domestic Workers of the workforce and not to be satisfied with the investigation’.

The said domestic workers must also be transferred into shelters immediately and then later be permitted to leave the country. The said demands were due to the high number of sponsors breaching the contract and not due to the refusal of work on the worker’s side.

Source TimesKuwait

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