Kuwait to Stop Issuing Work Permit to Expats Ages 60 Years Old and Older

More and more expats are losing their residency visas as they were either out of the country or they cannot renew it online.

In a recent report, 75,000 expats in and outside Kuwait have failed to renew their residency visas blaming themselves for not renewing it online or to their sponsors for the loss of their visas. As for canceled dependent visas which are sponsored by Kuwait residents, authorities are still waiting for a decision to resolve and find a solution to the ongoing problem.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s manpower authority announced that expatriates who do not have university degrees and ages 60 and above will have to leave the country within one year. They will not be allowed to renew their residency visas by next year.

“This will help resolve the demographic imbalance problem, Kuwaitize administrative and supervisory jobs in the private sector and enable the manpower authority to control marginal laborers in the country,” says the manpower authority.

According to recent statistics, there are about 83,562 expats who do not have a university degree working in the private sector, 15,847 of these are illiterate.

It is also said that the manpower authority will start declining applications for the work permit from marginal laborers as well as those expats ages 60 years old and older.

“Article 22 residency visas can still be transferred online to article 18 visas upon the director’s approval”, a source says.

Source Kuwait Times 

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