Recruitment Cost of Domestic Workers Raised To KD1,500 From KD900

Foreign Domestic workers are now allowed entry in Kuwait. But this time, the recruitment will now cost KD1,400 to 1,500, almost 50% of the original cost. This is another challenge faces by companies handling the recruitment process of bringing foreign domestic workers into the country.

There is a high demand for Filipino domestic helpers in Kuwait, says the owner of Bassam Al Shammari, a domestic workers company. He stated that 60% of foreign domestic workers are from the Philippines.

The first problem that needs immediate resolution is the agreement of the Philippines and Kuwait when it comes to the recruitment of domestic workers. This agreement which is a primary prerequisite for the start of recruitment was signed by the Kuwaiti office and the Foreign Office. However, for all the contracts to remain valid and legal, it has to be renewed. But the activity was hindered last year. For the renewal of the contract, there are additional procedures that need to be accomplished, something that will surely delay the recruitment process.

Another issue is the fixed price of hiring domestic workers as set by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Currently, this rate is hard to comply with because of these three things:

The outside recruitment offices already added more fees for their services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has affected their affairs and they have passed the extra fees to their customers. This additional cost includes the training of domestic workers before they go to Kuwait. This is a form of precautionary measures that should not be neglected.

Health Requirement also adds to the expenses of bringing domestic workers to Kuwait. Domestic workers need to undergo PCR checks and quarantine proceedings on top of the air tickets.

The price for the cancellation of flights and re-booking of tickets depends on the outside recruitment offices.

Due to these factors, the cost of domestic workers recruitment raised to KD1,400 – KD1,500 which is already 40 to 50% of the original recruitment fee. Additionally, a 4-month visa validity is required instead of the previous 3-month visa validity must be issued by the Ministry of Interior especially for domestic workers from the Philippines.

Source Arab times


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