No To Blood Money – Philippine Embassy Strongly Refuses Blood Money For OFW Death

Philippine Embassy in Kuwait is firm in declining the 7.5 million blood money which is offered by Villavende perpetrator who took the life of the poor Filipina.

Jeanelyn Padernal Villavende was a domestic worker in Kuwait who passed away a sudden and painful death at the hands of her employer out of jealousy.

“First, we pursued a death sentence against the employer. The result is good as the Kuwaiti Criminal Court sentences the female employer to death,” says Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Mohd Noordin Pendosina Lomondot.

A year after the passing of the Filipina, the Kuwaiti Criminal Court gave the highest verdict which is the death penalty to the female employer of the OFW. Meanwhile, her husband will be imprisoned for four years because although he was not personally involved in the gruesome incident, he covered it up and refused to report to the police.

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“This is what we had wanted – death for death, life for life, and blood for blood. So, our embassy has no other position but for the execution of the person who killed Villavende so she can get justice,” says Lomondot.

The legal counsel who handled the case of Villavende, Attorney Sheikha Fawzia Al-Sabah, is a renowned human rights lawyer. She is also eager to reject the request of the other party to play for blood money.

“Our position is for execution of the culprit,” the legal counsel said.

According to Sharia Law, the death penalty can be turned into life imprisonment if the family of the victim accepts the ‘dia’ or the blood money offered by the convicted party.

“It is up to the accused if he/she will negotiate with the next of kin of the victim. If the next of kin will agree, the sentence may be commuted. The family of the victim may negotiate because they are entitled to it. The Qur’an and the Shariah are clear that they could negotiate for blood money,” says Lomondot.

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