Ministry of Interior in Kuwait Warns The Public Not To Spread Rumors

Those who spread a rumor about the novel coronavirus will be greatly held responsible, according to the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait.

Just this week, news regarding patients being positive to the novel coronavirus has hit the internet. Just within a matter of days, the number of cases kept on growing that even schools had to suspend classes in fears of the fast-spreading virus.

Now, the Ministry of Interior warned the public not to spread false rumors to prevent creating commotion. In a statement that was released by the ministry through social media, they asked the public to cooperate and not spread out certain fake and alarming rumors concerning the new coronavirus. They asked to support the government’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

However, those who will take advantage of this situation will only cause terror among the people and “broadcast malicious rumors aimed at destabilizing the security and spreading false information about the situation in the state,” says Arab Times.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior will not hesitate to take strict legal measures to those who will violate their warnings.

Currently, there are 43 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kuwait. Surgical masks and N95 are starting to disappear in the market but the Commerce Ministry sees to it that pharmacies and shops caught hoarding will be fined or shut down.

Source: Arabtimes


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