Kuwait is Opening its Doors to Kuwaitis and Domestic Workers

Kuwait is opening its doors to Kuwaitis and domestic workers.

It was recently announced by the Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) received an instruction that states that ticket reservations are now open for Kuwaitis or their first-degree relatives. The order also includes domestic workers who are under their sponsorship to go back to Kuwait despite coming from banned countries.

It is also announced that all Kuwaitis who are currently staying in banned countries can now return to Kuwait under specified dates.

It can be recalled that Kuwait closed its doors to arriving passengers especially from high-risk countries or those countries with a great number of COVID-19 cases. Kuwait banned 35 countries, said Assistant Director-General for Airport Affairs Saleh Al-Fadaghi, saying that the said measure is to prevent the country’s healthcare system to get overwhelmed with patients.

Meanwhile, passengers are required to undergo a series of precautionary measures and it is strictly enforced by airport officials.

The first step to undertake is the registration at the kuwaitmosafer.com then getting a travel insurance document that secures their medical coverage for COVID-19.

Moreover, a negative COVID-19 test result is also required for incoming passengers which must be conducted in the first 96 hours before their arrival date. This will be followed by a 14-day home quarantine as mandated by health officials in Kuwait.

Source Arabtimes 

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