Following Deployment Ban, First Batch of Filipino Domestic Workers Arrives in Kuwait

After the lifting of the deployment ban of Filipino domestic workers to Kuwait, the Philippines finally sent their first batch of workers to Kuwait and they arrived in the Gulf country last May 24.

According to Bassam Al-Shammari, owner of a recruitment company, these workers followed strict quarantine protocol and spent two weeks on quarantine to follow the health conditions mandated by the health ministry in Kuwait through the BelSalamah app.

Another batch is expected to arrive in the country for the next few days as Kuwait Airways had double direct flights from the Philippines to Kuwait.

However, Al-Shammari sees a decline in the number of domestic workers allowed to work in Kuwait, comparing it to the previous number before the moratorium was issued. He also thinks that this is a test and evaluation of the Philippines when it comes to the extent of implementation of several changes on dealing with domestic workers as well as preserving their rights from the time they arrive in Kuwait until the end of their employment contract.

Al-Shammari also knows that strictly following the terms mandated by the moratorium ensures that the recruitment will push through and not get halted once again. He also mentioned the Public Authority for Manpower to strictly address all the things that lack on the right to employment.

Source TimesKuwait

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