Emirati-Filipino Vlogger Shares Their Experience With OFWs On How They Talk Behind Their Backs

Most of the time, Overseas Filipino Workers are the ones that adjust to the culture and languages used in the country where they are working. However, there are still instances in which the locals are the ones who learn tagalog just so they can understand and communicate with Filipina nationals.

Just like in the video which was uploaded by Emaratino Traveler, he tackled the issue of Filipinos talking behind their backs thinking that they cannot understand the words they are saying.

In the video, Emaratino Traveler is talking to his sister who also speaks tagalog fluently. According to her, when they went to a salon and there were Filipino workers, she was devastated by the attitude of those Filipino workers as they seemed like they were irritated by their presence late at night. They were talking behind their back not knowing that she understands all that she’s saying.

This should serve as a reminder to all Filipinos working abroad not to talk bad things against other nationalities thinking that they don’t understand you. This is something hard to fix especially in countries like United Arab Emirates where there is a huge population of Filipinos working in different sectors of the industry. But then, respect is very important no matter where you go and the people whom you meet.

Emaratino Traveler and his siblings speak and understand tagalog because they are half Filipino.

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