Employers Sentenced To Imprisonment For Inflicting Pain and Torture to Domestic Worker

10 years imprisonment was the sentence of a Kuwaiti woman who was accused of torturing her domestic worker before taking her life. Her husband was also given a suspended one-year sentenced to prison after a case was filed at the Criminal court.

According to the case, the employers were involved in human trafficking, forceful labor, violence against their domestic workers and they also took advantage of their domestic helper’s weakness.

The Kuwaiti woman also perpetuated repeated assault to the domestic worker by torturing and beating that resulted in burns and injuries all over the body of the poor worker for a considerable period of time. The domestic worker was also forced to work and used violence if she refused, an incident that eventually led to her passing.

As for the husband, he was held liable for not taking care of the victim during the times that she needs the basic necessities. The name and nationality of the domestic worker were not mentioned.

Source Arabtimes Kuwait

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