Asian Expat and Girlfriend Caught Doing Obscene Act in the Public, To Be Deported

Smooching and doing other obscene acts are the things that were brought to the attention of police officers in Kuwait.

According to reports, a man saw a car parked in Salmiya area shaking abnormally. He then approached it only to see a steamy scene inside the car.

From there, he saw an Asian expat with his girlfriend smooching and doing obscene acts. Their car seat was tilted back so they can perform the acts more comfortably. The witness decided to record the incident with his mobile phone and brought it to the attention of the police.

The identity of the people involved remains unknown. They are set to be deported for doing the obscene act in public.

In Kuwait and other Muslim countries, doing sexual activities outside marriage is highly prohibited. But it seems like this law is being neglected by a lot of foreigners as they get into a relationship with locals.

Over these relationships, a lot already landed in jail, canned, removed from their jobs, and even deported back to their home countries.

Overseas Filipino Workers are constantly being reminded by the embassy not to engage in these acts to avoid getting compromised later on.

Source |  arabtimes

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