Maximum Price Set For the Recruitment of Filipino Domestic Workers

The recruitment of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait is once again getting revamped. A maximum price is set for those who will hire household workers from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and other African countries.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry together with the Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development set a maximum price for domestic offices on the recruitment of domestic workers.

The maximum price for hiring domestic workers from India and the Philippines is KD850. While domestic workers from Sri Lanka and Nepal are KD700. If the domestic worker is from other African country then the maximum price is KD500 and the special passport is KD350. This maximum price doesn’t include the air ticket.

Those who violate the maximum limit will be facing the necessary punishment. A lapse of 6 months will mean that the recruitment of workers gets reconsidered.

Source ArabtimesOnline

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