PAM Modifies Process For Issuing Work Permits To Foreign Nationals Over 60

Recent changes made by the Public Authority for Manpower make it simpler for foreign nationals without college degrees who are 60 years of age or older to obtain employment permits. This includes enabling people to switch to the private sector in the event that their work relationship with the public sector expires or if they need to relocate for reasons related to their families or other forms of residency situations. About 8,000 residents should profit from this improvement.

Certain policies and procedures for issuing work licenses to people over 60 years old have been modified, according to Aseel Al-Mazyad, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department of the authority, according to Al Qabas.

Expatriates with residency in certain government and other sectors, including those with dependent or family visas, investors, or foreign partners in commercial or industrial activities, as well as those covered by Article 24 of the executive regulations of the Foreigners’ Residence Law, are now able to move to the private sector.

Al-Mazyad gave the assurance that the authority would continue to uphold its current rulings, such as the ban on the transfer of foreign workers from specific industries, such as the ban on the transfer of domestic workers to the private sector.

Aseel Al-Mazyed claims that the Board of Directors of the Authority has given its approval for the workers previously named to renew or transfer their work permits under the same terms as those in Article 37 prior to the alteration, which include:

  • A work permit costs 250 dinars more per year.
  • Having a permanent, comprehensive health insurance policy
  • With the exception of the same groups that were previously excluded from the drawing, they are the spouses and kids of Kuwaiti women, Kuwaiti wives, and Palestinians who possess legal status.

Source Arabtimes 

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