Kuwait’s New Residency Renewal Rule: Expats Must Settle Debts First for Continued Stay.

Expatriates who have mounting debts might soon be facing more problems as Kuwait implements another residency renewal rule – Pay debts for continued stay in the country.

The Ministry of Interior will start implementing the decision tomorrow, Sunday, September 10, 2023, to require expats to pay back any outstanding obligations to the government before granting them permission to renew their residency cards.

An important change is about to go into effect in accordance with instructions given by Sheikh Talal Khalid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the acting prime minister and interior minister.

The said move is to improve coordination between the general administration of residence affairs and the general administration of information systems for the purpose of collecting debts owed to the state by foreign citizens.

The proactive action is consistent with the government’s dedication to promoting financial responsibility among expatriates in Kuwait.

Expats who want to renew their residency permits must pay off any outstanding bills through the “Sahel” application or the official websites of the appropriate government agencies in order to speed up the settlement procedure.

The Ministry of Interior highlights the value of abiding by current legal requirements and implores people not to break these laws.

It emphasizes the country’s unshakeable commitment to preserving public order and upholding security.

This program demonstrates the government’s commitment to sound financial management and enhances the nation’s overall stability and security.

Source Arabtimes

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