Update : Melirose Balagosa Pinay Housekeeper in Kuwait Who Fell From The Building Now Discharged From The Hospital

Remember the Pinay housekeeper, who fell down from a building in Kuwait? She is now recovering and discharged from the hospital.



Melirose Balagosa gains back her health after falling in the 4th floor of the building of her employer’s house. Last October 6, Melirose Balagosa suffered so much after she fractured her pelvis, knee and jaw that left her in comatose for months.

According to Balagosa, -in ABS-CBN Report she remembered arguing with her employer on the day of the incident. They seemingly had a heated argument upon her cellphone. Her employer was trying to confiscate her cellphone and even asked someone to help her out. Because of so much fear, Balagosa went to the terrace and accidentally fell.

Balagosa also confirmed that she was maltreated by her employer and employer’s daughter. Her employer also constantly deducts her salary.

Just after Balagosa was discharged out of the hospital, the daughter of her employer appeared carrying an airline ticket for Balagosa so she can get back to the Philippines. Luckily, the Philippine embassy didn’t allow this to happen. The case against the maltreating employer will pursue.

According to the Consul General, it’s very clear that she fell from the building because she was afraid of her employer. Prior to that, she received beatings and physical abuse which is a clear proof of attempted manslaughter, all according to the laws in the Philippines and other countries across the globe.

Balagosa thanked all the people who helped her throughout her hard times, especially God. She is now staying in the Embassy shelter. Her birthday will be on December 26 and her only wish is for her to be able to walk again and go home to her family in the Philippines.

Watch below video of her Saying goodbye to Nurses and Doctors . Credit to Maxxy Santiago FB page

Masayang nagpaalam si Melirose Balagosa sa mga nurse at doctor na nag-alaga sa kanya sa ospital…Habang nagpapagaling siya, tuloy ang kaso niya laban sa kanyang amo. #TVPExclusive #JusticeForMelirose

Posted by Maxxy Santiago on Saturday, December 19, 2015



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