Worse Nightmare At Airport Encountered Because of the New Civil ID Regulations

It seems like other countries are still not aware of the new Kuwait regulation and that the Civil ID already acts as the residency permit which is why the name in the ID should match the one written in the passport.

A Netizen shared her experience on how airport authorities in Los Angeles barred him from leaving the country because of his residency permit.

According to Kuwait Local, the incident happened last June 14, 2019, when he was about to return to Kuwait by Qatar Airways. Route was Los Angeles to Qatar and Qatar to Kuwait.

The netizen was held up while he was at the LA airport at the counter of Qatar Airways because of his residency permit. They were looking for the residence permit attached to the passport but couldn’t find one.

The netizen residence permit was just renewed and should be valid until 7/5/2020. It can be recalled that the new Kuwait regulations particularly removes the residency sticker on passports and instead, the Civil ID will act as the residency permit that will allow residents to enter Kuwait.

The netizen showed his Civil ID and explained that this also acts as the residency permit to no avail. Instead, they instructed me to secure a letter from Kuwait stating that his Civil ID is also his Residency permit.

The netizen also said that the validity of his residence is stated on the Civil ID.

Luckily,  was saved because his old residence permit was still valid until July 1. It was found in the passport and no cancellation stamp was present. They allowed netizen to travel right then. If not, he would have to cancel all his flight tickets and go to the Kuwaiti Consulate to secure the letter that they were looking for.

The netizen wants to raise awareness regarding the new Kuwait regulations and hopes that no one had to go through the same ordeal. He also hopes that the Civil ID contains words like “Residency Permit” to avoid confusion just like the ones found in the Civil ID of countries like UAE and Qatar.

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