Filipinos, Including Domestic Helpers, Can Leave The Country If They Acquire Permit Before Jan. 15

A decision from the labor department of the Philippines allows its nationals to work abroad if they acquired an exit permit before Jan. 15. This includes domestic helpers.

According to Khaled Al-Dakhnan, chairman of domestic helper agencies union, the said decision from the Philippine government is a “partial relief”, hoping that the crisis will come to an end very soon.

“Negotiations are promising and positive results may be seen next week,” says Dakhnan, stating that both Kuwait and Philippines are hoping to get through this crisis. Recently, a case was filed against the employers of the OFW JeanelynVillavende.

It can be recalled that the Philippines imposed a total deployment ban to Kuwait following the passing of JeanelynVillavende. According to the autopsy report which was conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation, Villavende suffered from the constant bad treatment of her employers that lasted for some time until her untimely passing.

Villavende kin was determined to acquire justice after the older Villavende denied the 59 million blood money which was offered by the accused. It is said that the employers of Villavende is a government official.

Meanwhile, because of the ban, recruitment agencies in Kuwait are thriving as the industry declines. Filipino working in recruitment agencies were also badly affected.

Source / Kuwaitimes 


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