WATCH: Domestic Helpers On Viral TikTok Video

Because of the influence of social media, there are currently a lot of bizarre acts that are considered hideous if you look at them with a sound mind. Just like this Filipina domestic helper who actually pulled the hair of her ward just for the sake of likes in TikTok.

In a TikTok video, a Filipina domestic helper was first seen happily dancing to a song. However, after just a while, she started to pull the hair of her ward who appears to have a disability just so he can join the dance.

The identity of the Filipina remains unknown but it is clear that she is not treating well her ward which was entrusted to her by the boy’s parents. Worst of all, the boy seems to be tolerating the act because of his disability.

If this happens to your kid, what actions are you going to take? Are you going to take the helper to the police for maltreating your child?

This should be a strong reminder to all Filipino domestic workers out there to take care of their ward with or without their parents around. As a parent, you also wouldn’t want your child to be treated that way, right?

See video below

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