Words ‘Maid’ and ‘Servant’ Now Prohibited in Kuwait

No more using the word ‘maid’ in Kuwait. This has been the recent mandate by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce towards the advertisement related to recruitment activities in Kuwait.

It is said that the word affects the dignity of those expat workers, domestic workers, and the ones with the same status.

According to the ministry, even the phrases ‘to sell’, ‘to assign’, or ‘to buy will be replaced as ‘transfer of services’. The word ‘maid’ or ‘servant’ will also be replaced as ‘worker’.

More importantly, the use of personal data such as photos, residency, identity cards, and similar personal information about the worker is prohibited to be used in advertisements.

It can be recalled that Kuwait started to resume the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers after it was put on a halt following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source TimesKuwait 

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