First Batch of Filipino Domestic Workers Arrives in Kuwait Following Ban Brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Philippines was previously one of the banned countries in Kuwait. However, on December 15, the first flight carrying Filipinos landed at the Kuwait Airport.

A total of 28 maids from the Philippines arrived in Kuwait onboard Kuwait Airways. Following their arrival, they will be subjected to institutional quarantine procedures after they complete the airport procedures of ensuring that they are free from COVID-19.

The Filipino domestic helpers already have a valid residence permit. Before their flights, they were also asked to perform the PCR test and their sponsors in Kuwait were required to register on the application Balslama.

It is expected that about 80,000 domestic workers will arrive in the country for the next few months. An intensive plan to facilitate the arrival of these expats were developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior in partnership with the health authorities in the country.

They wanted to make sure that the limit of 600 passengers per day will be strictly followed. The first two trips to Kuwait were from the Philippines and Indians, two of the countries with the largest number of domestic workers who were not able to return to Kuwait following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the procedures that the returning passengers had to go through upon their return to Kuwait.

  • PCR examination was done in Kuwait
  • They were transported to their respective quarantine facilities
  • They sent a message to their employers as they successfully arrived in the country

Source Arabtimes


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